Dirk and Susan Lourens


We started farming game in 2006 after stock theft made it impossible to continue farming with cattle on our farm.

We bought our first White Blesbuck and Black Wildebeest from Rooikraal Game Auction in 2006.

Although none of us had previous experience with game animals , our love for nature and game animals made it a very easy decision.

Over the next few years we gained valuable knowledge and experience from fellow game farmers and we attended most of the game auctions in our Region.

This helped us to build valuable relationships with Game Farmers in our Region.

In 2009 our farm was opened for hunting and day hunting trips.

In 2015 our first game animals were auctioned at Stone Safari’s from Mr Pieta Steenkamp and in 2016 at the Riverside Resort in Grahamstown.

We continuously buy new species of game and currently we have more than 15 species of animals which also include a view color variants.


We believe by supporting our fellow game farmer’s auctions and building relationships with our buyers and sellers we can only make the industry stronger.

Dirsan would like to play an important part in the conservation of our multitude of game species and our precious nature.

We are not selling dead animals we are selling an experience…