Barbary Sheep

Barbary sheep, also known as Aoudad in the USA. This relatively large sheep was introduced to South Africa from the dry, mountainous regions of North Africa. In some areas where introduced or escaped from game ranches, they are declared as an invasive species out-competing other indigenous species and wreaking havoc on the local vegetation.

They can be hunted in the mountainous regions of the Free State, Eastern and Northern Cape. Like all sheep hunting, some long shots may be required and some effort is involved in getting to the animals in the rugged terrain that they prefer.

They feed on grass, forbs and various shrubs depending on the season. They can survive for long periods without drinking water by using metabolic water. Classified as a species of least concern by the IUCN, no special hunting permits are required.

Horn Size: Typical mature horn lengths, when measured from base to tip, range from 14” to 22” with some exceptions as long as 24” or 25”. Trophy lengths are generally accepted to be those 18” or greater. Weight: Males can weigh from 55 to 120 pounds while females weight between 35 and 75 pounds.