In the words of Hugo Seia  

"I must state again that hunting is not merely shooting defenseless animals.  It is the active pursuit of an animal in its own natural and wild environment.  It is knowing the character and traits of the animal and beating them at a game practiced with art and dignity. To engage in this kind of hunting requires a highly moral being, someone willing to be different from others."


That is the type of hunting that is done at Dirsan Game. With us it is walk and stalk, not ride and shoot.  At Dirsan Game we build memories and stories.  

With passion and patience we take our hunters on a hunting experience they will always remember.

If it is your first hunt you are welcome we will guide you with patience and help you relax.

If you are hunting every year and feel like trying a new environment call us to book your next hunt.


Our youngest hunter was 8 years old and he did a great job.   At Dirsan Game we allow you to be part of a passion full hunting experience with all the traditions along with it.

At Dirsan Game we focus on family experiences where dad, mom, kids and grandparents are welcome.